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OSHA Scaffold Training

Swing Stage Training

One of the biggest challenges in construction sites is working at heights. We make sure that you can complete such tasks safely with Swing Stage Training. It helps trainers to confidently operate swing stages, or hanging scaffolds. By providing you with the appropriate training, you can lower the likelihood of mishaps and injuries while encouraging a safety-conscious culture on your construction sites.

18 Modules

Why Opt for Swing Stage Training from PDH Safety?

·   OSHA Compliance

Our programs prepare employees to adhere to all safety requirements for suspended scaffolds and fulfill OSHA standards.

·  Knowledge you can rely on

Our trainers are experts in construction safety,up to date, and providing guidance that is immediately applicable to actual situations. This course requires 8 hours to complete.

· Adaptable Educational Alternatives

You can select the User, Supervisor, or Competent Person program level that best suits your requirements and background. Your employees can learn at any time at any place. 

· Cost-effective solution

Our cost-effective initiatives provide outstanding value by reducing downtime and enhancing worker safety.

What You’ll Learn

This course is ideal for workers using swing stages for the first time. Over 8 hours of engaging content covers:

·       Discover the types of swing stages, their parts, and safe work procedures.

·       Identify possible swing stage dangers and learn how to reduce them with a thorough grasp of risk identification and management.

·       Gain expertise in doing comprehensive pre-use inspections to find any possible issues prior to beginning work.

·       Acquire the know-how to operate the swing stage safely as it is being raised, lowered, and moved about.

·       Be ready to act quickly and decisively in the event of an equipment failure or a worker's fall.

Course Modules - (18)

  • 1) Learning Outcomes
  • 2) Suspended Scaffold Intro
  • 3) Suspended Scaffold
  • 4) Criteria for Suspended Scaffolds
  • 5) Toolbox Talk: Suspended Scaffold Safety
  • 1) Case Study "Dramatic Rescue After Scaffolding Collapse In Palmetto Bay"
  • 2) Preventing Worker Injuries and Deaths Caused by Falls From Suspension Scaffolds
  • 1) OSHA-Suspended Scaffold/Swing Stage
  • 1) OSHA-Catenary
  • 2) OSHA-Float (ship)
  • 3) OSHA-Interior Hung
  • 4) OSHA-Multi-level
  • 5) OSHA-Multi-point Adjustable
  • 6) OSHA-Needle Beam
  • 7) OSHA-Single-point Adjustable
  • 1) Subpart E : Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment
  • 2) Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment
  • 3) Subpart M : Fall Prevention
  • 4) Subpart L: Scaffolds
  • 1) Donning a Fall Protection Harness
  • 2) Inspection of fall protection
  • 3) Inspection Procedures Harness
  • 1) Measurements for Assessing Fall Hazards and Controls
  • 2) Calculating Fall Distance
  • 3) Fall Distance Educator
  • 4) Fall Protection Fact Sheet
  • 5) Warning Line | OSHA, Fall Protection Training, Roofing Work, Workplace Accidents
  • 6) Falling Object Protection | Tool Lanyards, Safety Nets, Fall Protection, Oregon OSHA
  • 2) Suspended Scaffold Code of Safe Practices
  • 4) Suspended Scaffold Use
  • 5) Hand and Power Tool Safety
  • 6) Hand and Portable Power Tools Safety Program
  • 7) Hand and Power Tools Training
  • 1) Hoist, Platform & Rigging Equipment Practices
  • 2) Swing Stages, an Introduction
  • 5) Suspended Board Rooftop Rigging Logistics
  • 2) Requirements for TwoPoint Adjustable Suspension Scaffolds
  • 3) Counterweight Formula
  • 4) Calculating the Load on a Suspended Scaffolding Hoist
  • 1) 7 Essential Knots You Need To Know
  • 3) How to tie two Half Hitches in under 30 seconds
  • 4) How to tie a Square Knot in under 30 seconds
  • 5) How to tie a Sheet Bend in under 30 seconds
  • 6) How to Tie the Most Useful Knot in the World (Bowline)
  • 7) How to tie a Clove Hitch in under 30 seconds
  • 1) Wire Rope Termination
  • 2) Termination knot
  • 3) Wire Rope Tip Preparation
  • 1) Swing Stage Inspections
  • 1) Suspended Scaffold Basics Rigging and Operating Procedures
  • 2) Suspended scaffold
  • 1) Rope Adjustment | Rope Grab, OSHA Standards, Fall Protection Training, Hazards
  • 2) Swing Staging | Wire Rope Fall Prevention
  • 3) Rope Grabs and Lanyard Length for Window Cleaners
  • 4) Rope Grab Instruction Video
  • 5) Rope Grabs
  • 6) Safety Talk How to inspect a Rope Grab and how to use a Rope Grab
  • 1) Testing motors for swing stage
  • 2) Spider SC1000 Traction Hoist Features
  • 3) Emergency Features of Sky Climber Hoists
  • 1) Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans
  • 2) Emergency Planning
  • 3) A Fall Could Cause a Stroke! | Trauma Straps, Workplace Accident, Suspension Trauma Training
  • 4) How to Rescue a Fallen Worker | Fall Protection
  • 5) Sky Climber Assisted Rescue

Swing Stage Supervisor and Competent Person Training

PDH Safety provides advanced Swing Stage Supervisor and Competent Person Training programs for those who have supervisory or inspection duties. These 10-hour classes cover more ground in:

• Rules for the Swing Stage: Learn every aspect of OSHA and other pertinent swing stage laws.
• Swing Stage Erection and Selection: Acquire the knowledge to choose the appropriate swing stage for the task at hand and guarantee its correct assembly and breakdown.
• Responsibilities of a Competent Person: Recognize the function of the Competent Person in swing stage safety programs, which includes communicating hazards, maintaining records, and conducting inspections.
• Fall Safety and Rescue Protocols: Learn fall protection procedures and create a thorough strategy for worker rescue in the event of a fall.

Effective Crew Management: Discover the finest methods for inspiring and guiding staff to put efficiency and safety first.

Price: $39.99

This Course Includes

  • Modules : 18
  • Duration : 8 Hours
  • Certificate : Yes
  • Language : English
  • Skill Level : Proficient
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