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Suspended Scaffold Awareness

Our Suspended Scaffold Awareness is a safety training program designed especially for beginners. In just four hours, participants will gain the skills and knowledge required to operate suspended scaffolds safely. This course will help the participants learn about suspended scaffolds, their types, and associated risks, and they will also become familiar with the 1926 OSHA Overview. Upon completion of the training, participants will possess the skills needed to examine suspended scaffolds and ensure that compliance and safety requirements are met.

9 Modules

Construction workers sometimes make use of suspended scaffolds to access areas that can not be reached from the ground. These scaffolds act as a platform to raise them to elevated levels. To operate securely from suspended scaffolds, one needs both practical scaffolding experience and theoretical understanding.

Employees must get suspended scaffold awareness training in order to comply with OSHA regulations and learn how to operate safely from suspended scaffolds. OSHA mandates that anybody handling scaffolds or working near them must also complete training. This training is perfect for those who are new to suspended scaffold safety and want to learn more to help create a more secure workplace in the construction sector. So, enroll today and get benefited from our online Suspended Scaffold Awareness program free of cost.

Course Modules - (9)

  • 1) Learning Outcomes
  • 2) Suspended Scaffold Intro
  • 3) Suspended Scaffold
  • 4) Toolbox Talk: Suspended Scaffold Safety
  • 1) Case Study
  • 2) Preventing Worker Injuries and Deaths Caused by Falls From Suspension Scaffolds
  • 3) OSHA investigating following Midtown scaffolding collapse
  • 1) Subpart E : Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment
  • 2) Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment
  • 3) Subpart M : Fall Prevention
  • 4) Subpart L: Scaffolds
  • 1) Measurements for Assessing Fall Hazards and Controls
  • 2) Fall Distance Educator
  • 1) OSHA-Suspended Scaffold/Swing Stage
  • 1) Catenary
  • 2) Float (ship)
  • 3) Interior Hung
  • 4) Multi-level
  • 5) Multi-point Adjustable
  • 6) Needle Beam
  • 7) Single-point Adjustable
  • 8) Two-point (swing stage)
  • 1) Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans
  • 2) Emergency Planning
  • 3) A Fall Could Cause a Stroke! | Trauma Straps, Workplace Accident, Suspension Trauma Training
  • 4) How to Rescue a Fallen Worker | Fall Protection
  • 5) Suspended Scaffold “Swing Stage” Rescue program
  • 1) Suspended Scaffold 101

This Course Includes

  • Modules : 9
  • Duration : 4 Hours
  • Certificate : Yes
  • Language : English
  • Skill Level : Beginner
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