Free Aerial Lift Certification

Scissor Lift Certification

9 Modules

Learn the information and abilities you need to confidently manage high work environments. With the Scissor Lift Certification from PDH Safety, you may safely advance in your construction profession.

What Awaits You In This Course

You will have the knowledge and skills necessary to operate scissor lifts with confidence after completing this course. 

  • In-depth understanding of scissor lift: Recognize the various types, capabilities, and restrictions of scissor lifts.

  • Mastery of pre-operation inspection: Before operation, carry out comprehensive checks to find any potential threats.

  • Safe procedures at work: To reduce dangers, get knowledgeable about load management, maneuvering, and setup.

  • OSHA Compliance: By guaranteeing that you adhere to industry safety regulations, this curriculum makes you an invaluable asset on any building site. 

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Course Modules - (9)

  • 1) 2019 MEWP Operator Training
  • 1) Falls are the #1 Cause of Injury and Death in Construction Work
  • 2) "There's BLOOD all over the place!" Workplace Falls and Injuries, Deaths, Accidents, Fatality
  • 3) Workplace Accident - True Story | Serious Injuries, Falls, Safety, OSHA, Near Death, Fatality
  • 4) Life after near death injury | Falls, Workplace Injuries, Deaths, Accidents, Fatality OSHA, Training
  • 5) Falling Object Protection | Tool Lanyards, Safety Nets, Fall Protection, Oregon OSHA
  • 6) Safety Advice for Contractors on Fall Protection
  • 1) How to Put on a Fall Protection Harness
  • 2) Inspection and Maintenance of Fall Protection Equipment
  • 3) How to Inspect Fall Protection Equipment
  • 4) Using Fall Protection - Example from Dan Daley Construction
  • 5) Aerial Lift Fall Protection
  • 1) Aerial Lifts
  • 2) Aerial Platform Safety Training Test
  • 3) What Is An Articulating Boom Lift? - JLG Boom Lift
  • 4) How to Choose the Right Boom Lift to Rent | Tips for Height, Space, Terrain
  • 5) Aerial Lift Safety in Construction
  • 6) Toolbox Talk: Aerial Lift Safety
  • 7) Boom Lift Safety Training Video
  • 1) Scissor Lifts
  • 2) Scissor Lift Safety Tips
  • 3) JLG Scissor ES Training
  • 4) Working Safely with Scissor Lifts
  • 5) How To Operate A Genie Scissor Lift
  • 1) OSHA: Deadly Taunton lift Accident Could Have Been Prevented
  • 2) Raw: 2 Dead, 1 Hurt As Lift Topples at Fla. Port
  • 3) Man dies after fall from scissor lift at Westview HS
  • 4) Witnesses: Tree worker in cherry picker electrocuted after hitting power lines
  • 1) Toolbox Talk: Aerial Lift Safety
  • 2) Scissor Lift Walk Around Inspection
  • 3) Conducting a Boom Lift Walk Around Inspection
  • 1) Performing a Boom Lift Function Check
  • 2) JLG Scissor Lift Operator Safety Function Check
  • 1) Forklift Pedestrian Safety

Hazards Associated with Aerial Lifts


        Fall from elevated level,

        Objects falling from lifts,


        Ejections from the lift platform,

        Structural failures (collapses),

        Electric shock (electrocutions),

        Entanglement hazards,

        Contact with objects, and

        Contact with ceilings and other overhead objects.

This Course Includes

  • Modules : 9
  • Duration : 1 Hour
  • Certificate : Yes
  • Language : English
  • Skill Level : Beginner
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