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OSHA Competent Person Training

OSHA Competent Person- Ladders & Stairways

Do you undertake responsibility for yourself and your colleagues when working with ladders and stairways? If you answered yes, this OSHA Competent Person - Ladders & Stairways course is the key to a safer workplace.

10 Modules

Why This Course is Ideal Fit for you?

Falls from ladders and stairways are a significant source of injury in the construction and other sectors. This training will prepare you to become a safety champion, reducing risks and keeping your team healthy and productive.

Reduced injuries mean cheaper worker's compensation expenses and less downtime, saving your company money in the long term. This leadership promotes 

  • Online course format with our user-friendly modules and exams.

  • Ensure your company complies with OSHA regulations and avoid potential fines.

  • Develop leadership skills in promoting a culture of safety.

What You'll Learn

This course helps you to learn the safe use of ladders and stairways, covering every detail such as:

  • Identify and reduce frequent fall hazards connected with ladders and stairs.

  • Learn the right techniques to install, repair, and disassemble ladders and stairways.

  • Learn about the many types of ladders, their weight capabilities, and how to choose the right one for each activity.

  • Gain a thorough understanding of stairs building requirements, such as railings and tread design.

  • Learn how to conduct thorough inspections of ladders and stairways, finding problems, and averting accidents.

An OSHA Competent Person - Ladders & Stairways course is more than just training; it's an investment in your future and the well-being of your team.

We offer competitive pricing and group discounts.

Course Modules - (10)

  • 1) Learning Outcomes
  • 2) SST
  • 3) The Most Dangerous Tool | Ladder Safety Training
  • 4) Ladder Safety Introduction
  • 5) Stairways and Ladders PPT
  • 1) Occupational Ladder Fall Injuries — United States, 2011
  • 2) Ladder Safety Month 2020
  • 1) Ladder Safety Overview
  • 2) Portable Ladder Safety Training
  • 3) Ladder Training Example |
  • 4) Ladder Hazards | Fall Protection, Safety, Hazards, Training,
  • 5) Misuse of Portable Ladders OSHA
  • 6) How to Setup a Portable Ladder
  • 7) Proper Use of A Frame Ladders
  • 8) Reducing Falls in Construction: Safe Use of Extension Ladders
  • 1) Electrocution/Work Safely with Ladders Near Power Lines
  • 2) Ladders and Electricity Don’t Mix
  • 1) How to Pick a Ladder
  • 2) Select the correct ladder
  • 1) Ladder Safety OSHA
  • 3) Stairways and Ladders A Guide to OSHA Rules
  • 4) Stairs and Ladders
  • 5) Stairways 29 CFR 1926.1052
  • 6) Stairs and Ladders PPT
  • 1) How to PROPERLY Inspect a Ladder: Ladder Inspection Checklist
  • 2) Ladder Safety Checklist
  • 3) Ladder Inspection Form
  • 4) Portable Ladder Inspection Checklist
  • 1) How to Inspect and Maintain Your Ladder
  • 2) How to Store Your Ladder
  • 1) New Fixed Ladder Rule! | Climbing Safety System, Fall Protection, Fall Arrest, Training,
  • 2) Why Use Ladder Safety Systems?
  • 3) Reducing Falls in Construction: Safe Use of Job-made Wooden Ladders
  • 4) Ladder Accessories | Extensions, Levelers, V Rung, Gate, Wall Mounts
  • 1) Mobile Ladder Stand Safety
  • 2) New Types of Ladders | Podium, Telescopic, Lean Safe, Twin Step

Invest in Knowledge and Get Compliance Benefits

OSHA standards require companies to instruct employees on how to utilize ladders and stairways safely. This course provides you with compliant with OSHA guidelines and avoids potential fines.

Completing this course will position you as an important value to your firm. Your acquired knowledge enables you to teach others, perform inspections, and detect possible risks before they cause an accident. 

Do not wait for an accident to occur. Enroll with NYCCST today and take your safety skills to the next level!


Who Should Take This Course?

This training helps construction workers, maintenance people, facility managers, and safety supervisors.

What is the format of the course?

We provide the course online, with learning modules that include quizzes and tests.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

There are no official requirements for this course.

Price: $2.00

This Course Includes

  • Modules : 10
  • Certificate : No
  • Language : English
  • Skill Level : Beginner
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