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Drugs and Alcohol Awareness In Construction

Our online Drugs and Alcohol Awareness in Construction training course is intended to instruct participants on the impacts of chemicals in the construction industry and how to prevent them. Our course covers and educates about the numerous and dangerous consequences that drug usage has on workers. With a special focus on the construction industry, participants will gain knowledge of the legal requirements for guaranteeing the highest levels of safety and how to create a secure and drug-free work environment.

11 Modules

Abuse of alcohol or illegal narcotics may have catastrophic effects on one's health, particularly for those who are addicted. In the construction sector, working while intoxicated is especially risky since it increases the likelihood of Focus Four hazards along with possible lethal accidents involving massive machinery.

Our Drugs and Alcohol Awareness in Construction program is intended for construction workers in New York City who are applying for an SST employee or supervisor card. This course can benefit you if you are a competent person, site safety manager, construction superintendent, or site safety coordinator. By the end of this course, you will receive an e-certificate instantly. So, hurry up! Get yourself enrolled before all the slots get booked. 

Course Modules - (11)

  • 1) Training Objectives and Expectations:
  • 2) Addiction as a Disease—Not a Moral Failure
  • 3) Definition of Addiction
  • 4) Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • 5) Risk factors for drug use and drug abuse
  • 6) Top 10 Shocking Before And After Drug Use Photos
  • 1) Illicit Drugs: How Do They Work?
  • 2) Drug Addiction and the Brain
  • 3) What Happens in the Brain During Addiction
  • 4) Mechanism of Drug Addiction in the Brain
  • 1) Over The Counter Drugs
  • 2) Top 10 Most Abused Prescription Drugs
  • 3) Prescription Drugs Abuse
  • 4) Prescription Drug Abuse & The Workplace
  • 1) The Evolution of a Crisis
  • 2) Impacting Lives
  • 1) United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
  • 2) Center for Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • 3) Drug Use: Impact, Rules, Regulations and Mitigation Practices in the Construction Industry in the U.S
  • 4) Toolbox Talk: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy
  • 1) Drug & Alcohol Awareness PPT
  • 2) Opioid abuse in Ottawa’s booming construction industry
  • 3) Drugs and Work Place
  • 1) Why the human brain loves opioids
  • 2) Your Brain on Crack Cocaine
  • 3) 2-Minute Neuroscience: Effects of Cocaine
  • 4) 2-Minute Neuroscience: Effects of Methadone
  • 5) Methamphetamine (meth) Drug Facts, Animation
  • 6) 2-Minute Neuroscience: Effects of Amphetamines
  • 7) 2-Minute Neuroscience: Effects of Benzodiazepines
  • 8) The Reward Circuit: How the Brain Responds to Methamphetamine
  • 9) 2-Minute Neuroscience: Effects of Benzodiazepines
  • 1) How Alcohol Affects The Body - What Causes A Hangover
  • 2) Frequently Asked Questions
  • 3) Alcohol and Cancer
  • 4) Alcohol Facts and Statistics
  • 5) Effects of Alcohol on the Brain, Animation, Professional version.
  • 1) The Dangers of Mixing Drugs and Alcohol
  • 2) Alcohol and Public Health
  • 3) Many People Using Allergy Medications for Sleep Aid
  • 4) Histamine: The Stuff Allergies are Made of
  • 1) How Does Substance use Develop into Substance Abuse
  • 2) Neuroscience - Addiction and the Brain
  • 1) The Dos and Don’ts of Helping a Drug Addict Recover

This Course Includes

  • Modules : 11
  • Certificate : Yes
  • Language : English
  • Skill Level : Beginner
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